Sex Swing

Imagine coming home from a hard days work and see your partner awaiting patiently for you. She wants you but is now to tired and just wants to lay there. Tell her, honey we are trying something sexy tonight. Within seconds you have a sex swing set up, whether a door swing, 360 swing or […]

Vibrating Panties

Imagine having the power to pleasure yourself in public without anyone seeing. I mean you could be talking to someone right in front of you and they would not know that you are feeling immense pleasure, unless they see it in your face. The power is vibrating panties. Basically crotch less panties with a removable […]

Adult Toys

Men and women have been in sexual activities before they could even spell sex. Our ancestors used bananas instead of a dido. But we are more civilized these days and so our women prefer a big fat dildo that thrusts and rubs the g spot at the same time. Sex swings to spice up couples […]