Crowfunding Software by Katipult

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website that enables users to showcase their projects for people to invest in their business giving it a kick start. Genius idea, and guess what? it works for almost every niche and Katipult creates the Crowdfunding Software your company needs to make it happen.

Katipult has developed many websites for real estate, equity and lending businesses create the investor crowd funding websites. I personally recommend to any business looking to create a kickstarter type website, check them out.

Here is a glimpse of what they have to offer:

“Katipult is strategically developed on a proprietary software framework to provide unparalleled adaptability and flexibility for regulatory compliance, diverse asset structures, business model specifications, and localization requirements. Our software is used primarily to power investment crowdfunding platforms, investment platforms for private placements, investor management platforms, and listings platforms for equity, debt, and alternative investments across all sectors.”

About the Real Estate Section:

“With Katipult, real estate focused firms can easily market institutional investment opportunities and manage the entire funding cycle with integrated software processes that span investment origination, marketing, reporting, and investor communication.”

They produce advance software for their clients that is way over my head, its amazing on what they can do, get started with them today.

Crowdfunding Software by Katipult



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